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Sawt Beirut International’s News Bulletin – Saturday June 5, 2021

In today’s news bulletin:

  • Hariri and Bassil obstructing government formation, and France is waving for other options
  • Aounist’s Corruption is back at the front line
  • A cinema festival on Gemmayzeh Stairs restores the pulse of Beirut

Will Saad Hariri start preparing the general public for apologizing from forming a government? Is he about to accept the idea that he would not be able to enter the Grand Serail? Those who observe the Future Movement stances realize that Hariri is seeking to apologize, although he denied several times his attention to do so.

What are the motives behind this shift in his stances? There is doubt that Hariri is living his worst and most complicated political days, and these days are even worse than when he was in exile after he was compulsorily precluded and excluded in 2011. During this era, Hariri’s political and popular situation was even much better, which made him according to many, a victim of his political stances.

However, the situation currently is totally different, because the general public have realized that what drives Hariri is his passion for power, rather than his national principles. Local political parties, as well as international and Arab officials have started realizing that Hariri is a key partner in obstruction and he does not differ from Gebran Bassil.

Hariri and Bassil are both responsible for the political, social, and economic crisis, and both have personal interests that have so far prevented the formation of the projected government in the last ten months. Even the Maronite Cardinal Patriarch Boutros Al-Rahi, who was closer to Hariri rather than to Bassil, has criticized him this week from Baabda Palace.

Even France said through its Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian in a special meeting including Lebanese, that it might be the time to abolish Hariri’s exclusivity as Prime Minister designate, and that it is time to be opened for other options.

As a result, siege on Hariri is escalating locally, regionally and internationally, and his allies are dwindling one after the other, for this reason the decision to apologize has been taken, but he is waiting for the appropriate political time to announce it.

Hariri does not want to get out broken in front of Bassil, and that’s why he is waiting for the right time or for a mistake done by the “Free Patriotic Movement” or the President of the Republic in order to emerge victorious and regain what he has lost so far between Sunnis.

Is it our destiny as Lebanese to wait for a mistake conducted by the Free Patriotic Movement, at a time both Bassil and Hariri are creating deadly mistakes against citizens and the nation?

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