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Sawt Beirut International’s News Bulletin – Sep. 15th, 2021

A brief of tonight’s news bulletin:

  • Has Hassan Diab managed to escape Justice?
  • Are politicians’ cries similar to those of crocodiles?
  • The journey of an Iranian oil tanker in detail

What happened to Saad Hariri? Why does a politician avoid the attention as he goes away from the power square? Is politics only the exercise of power, or is it something more? In fact, we do understand Hariri’s dissatisfaction with the situation. Najib Mikati accomplished in just a month and a half what took Hariri nine months to do! Mikati mastered seizing local and international’s happenings to establish a government that many expected to fail. He’ll also be able to use it to attempt to form a Sunni leadership that will put him ahead of Saad Hariri.

However, Hariri’s situation is more complicated. Following Mikati’s success in establishing the government, many blamed him for not doing so, making him appear to be the actual impediment, rather than the President of the Republic or even Gebran Bassil. Despite the fact that the country’s general condition and the specific position of the Future Movement require Hariri to remain in his country and among his supporters to face the consequences of what is happening, Hariri  fled without returning. As a result, many people remembered what Hariri did 10 years ago, particularly when Najib Mikati was given the task of forming the government. The latter traveled for several years, alternating between the Gulf, Paris, and many locations across the world. The cost of absence was high at the time, despite the fact that it was masked in the idea that Hariri was being pursued by security forces and couldn’t return to Lebanon. However, what happened 10 years ago is no longer acceptable.

The country is on the verge of an impasse, and the polls will be competitive, assuming they take place on time. Will Hariri be able to fix his inability to form a government, as well as many other issues?

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