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Sawt Beirut International’s News Bulletin – Sep. 22, 2021

In Lebanon, everything is upside down. The accused are judges, and the judges are accused. The politics always claim innocence, but the angels of justice are convicts and criminals. This is a brief of what is happening from a year ago until now in the crime of Beirut Port blast.

Whenever a judicial investigator makes a remarkable progress, and starts interrogating big officials and prosecuting them, they revolt against him. What happened previously with the judicial investigator, Fadi Sawan, is being repeated today with the judicial investigator, Tarek Bitar. They start saying that this president is red line, and it is forbidden to approach this minister, and that this official is protected from the pillars of his sect and from the spiritual references.

Is a judicial or non-judicial investigation possible in such circumstances and situations? Is access to truth and justice available? It is worth noting that everything began after the Supreme Leader of the Lebanese Republic, Hassan Nasrallah, blew the start whistle. He attacked the judicial investigator Tarek Bitar twice in a row, and everyone understood the message.

This is how Wafiq Safa moved towards the Justice Department in Beirut, and this is how suspicion lawsuits began to be filed against a judicial investigator, who is well known for his competence and integrity. Today is so much similar to yesterday, and what is meant by yesterday, is what happened after the assassination of Martyr Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.

On that day, Hezbollah mobilized all its forces, and Nasrallah held a press conference every week to show the judges’ mistake, bias and politicization of the case! We are then in the same situation. Just as the party at that time rejected the international investigation and the international court, today it rejects the judicial investigation and the Lebanese court!

Does this mean that Hezbollah is building his own courts and his own justice, as he built previously his military and security forces, schools, hospitals, shops and fuel oil? The justice is poor in Lebanon, how many crimes are committed under its name!!

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