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Sawt Beirut International’s News Bulletin – Sep. 3rd, 2021

In today’s news bulletin:

– Who put the sticks in the wheels of the formation..and will Mikati do it and apologize?
– The state of lawlessness confiscates fuel in Zahle and overlooks it in other areas
– The Lebanese expatriates… are pariahs in their homeland and superior abroad

Did the governmental efforts of Major General Abbas Ibrahim fail, or is what happened just a setback and the expected government may see the light soon? So far, there is no answer to this question, because the answer relates exclusively to the Director General of Public Security, who still prefers not to announce a final position on what happened.

It is true that he did not make any effort to build upon it today, but at the same time he did not express his desire to stop his initiative. This means, in principle, that the weekend will be an occasion to rethink and determine the directions for the next stage. Note that there are those who assert that this knot is not related to the name neither the ministerial bag, but rather to the lack of a pure intention from the two parties to reach an agreement.

Aoun is aware that the club of former prime ministers is coordinating with President Nabih Berri through the team of Prime Minister Saad Hariri, and that there is an alliance formed against him, consisting of the Future Movement, the Amal Movement, the Progressive Socialist Party and the Marada Movement, in addition to other forces, and he does not want to surrender to this group. And hand him certain keys in power. Perhaps for this very reason, Aoun may prefer the continuation of the current government, which controls its main parts.

Aoun, and through his old and distinguished relationship with Muhammad Fahmy, has no problem with the performance of the Ministry of the Interior at present, just as the decision of Minister of Justice Marie Claude Najm is in his hand. These two ministries are essential in the parliamentary elections, which will be held after seven months from today. Does all this mean that there won’t be a new government between now and at least till the end of Michel Aoun’s era?


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