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Sawt Beirut International’s News Bulletin – Sept. 20, 2021

What happened today in the Lebanese Parliament is a big scandal, but rather a double scandal. The first scandal is that those responsible for the Parliament, the confidence session, and the UNESCO Palace did not notice that power cuts are common in Lebanon, therefore, holding a Parliamentary session at the end of the summer requires auxiliary electricity.

It was confirmed to everyone once again that those responsible for the Parliament live on another planet, as they did not even bother themselves to set an alternative plan to confront the expected power cuts.

The nation’s deputies waited outside the hall for more than half an hour suffering from the intense heat, because their entry to UNESCO palace was impossible! What disrespect is this? What understatement? Can anyone justify this lack of responsibility?

This scandal was followed by a larger and more dangerous scandal, represented in the fact that those responsible of the Council and the UNESCO Palace resorted to the Hezbollah official in Beirut to send them two power generators on two trucks. It is more likely that globally banned Iranian diesel was also used to operate the generators, although some official statements have denied this.

How do the Parliament Speaker, the Parliament’s Office, the Government and its Prime Minister justify what happened? Weren’t the deputies, or at least some of them, supposed to rise up against the fait accompli?

Is it normal for the state to be unable to secure electricity in a session held by the Parliament to discuss the ministerial statement of confidence? Is it reasonable for the statelet of Hezbollah, its generators and diesel fuel to become a refuge and a haven for state officials in every matter? Everything is permissible as long as the entire state is for sale!

Congratulations Iran!

  • Sawt Beirut International