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Sawt Beirut International’s News Bulletin, Sunday, June 20, 2021

In today’s news bulletin:

  • Subsidy funds ran out, so what are the alternative options for the fuel crisis, and will Lebanon copy the Syrian model?
  • Rail networks are economically essential, however it has been buried by the corrupted ruling regime
  • Perennial oak trees in Mount Lebanon are falling apart and drying, concerned ministries watching the catastrophe

Gebran Bassil’s conference today is out of time and space, and if he had said what he said in his conference today, five or ten years ago, or at least before the outbreak of the October 17 revolution, he would have probably found attentive listening. But Bassil’s problem is that he does not assess the situation in all its aspects.

It is true that there is a wide crisis in constitutional powers, and it is true that the political practices have revealed many defects in implementing the constitution, but people today are seeking a minimum level of dignity. They don’t want to be humiliated at gas stations and at the doors of hospitals and pharmacies, they want to restore their deposits from the political banking system, as they can no longer bear begging banks to withdraw their money to secure minimum requirements, and a decent life for their children.

Restoring rights, authority, and parity are no longer the citizens’ requests, especially after they recognized that it is void slogans. What rights and powers Bassil is defending? We all know that the most prominent role of the President of the Republic is to be the arbitrator between the political parties. Why did Bassil snatched this role from him, and mandated Hassan Nasrallah to be the judge and reference? And does the Presidency role belongs to Bassil to act upon, or even to disregard?

The Lebanese, Mr. Bassil, refuse to renounce their decision in favor of the Secretary-General of Hezbollah, who publicly admits that he is a soldier in “Wilayat al-Faqih” army. So why did you decide to sell the presidency, its role and its powers to Hezbollah and thus to Iran? But why did you decide to sell the republic’s decision to the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic?

Honorable Lebanese, who are the majority, will not agree with you on selling the Lebanese decision, and they are not interested neither in your parliamentary dreams nor in your presidential ambitions.

How will you benefit from being the President for a Republic which is powerless and unable to take any decision, and losing yourself by being ruled by one of Imam Khamenei’s soldiers?

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