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Sawt Beirut International’s News Bulletin – Sunday June 6, 2021

In today’s news bulletin:

  • Lebanon plunges into total darkness as electricity funds dry up, Ogero sounds alarm
  • Berri’s initiative dims, Hariri and Bassil’s negativity block all solutions
  • Saida’s fish market is a light at the end tunnel amid the stifling economic crisis

Lebanon is threatened with total darkness, and the political situation is going towards total chaos. The reason behind total darkness is well known as the Central Bank’s reserves are running out, and the Governor Riad Salameh, is postponing the glitches, although he was confirming few months ago that matters are on the right track and that he is able to continue providing the main life elements despite the diminishing reserves. However, citizens didn’t believe him this time.

It is true that Riad Salameh has been awarded several times the best Central Bank governor in the world. It is also true that media, which benefited from him in one way or another, presented him as a savior who creates solutions for all complex financial hurdles.  But his image before October 17, 2019, was not the same post this date, as reality appeared, and Lebanese no longer believed him, especially that he always assured that the Lebanese Lira is steadfast and that their deposits are safe, as they suddenly discovered that the reality is certainly opposite.

Politically, the country’s deficit is flaring on daily basis. Even the Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri seems frustrated by the negativity of the “Future Movement” and the “Free Patriotic Movement”. The two leaders, whether in conflict with each other or reconciled, are destructing the country. When they both agreed, they shared and distributed the country’s benefits, and when they disagreed, they complicated the situation and obstructed the government formation, and contributed in the economic collapse.

When Hariri and Bassil agreed they shared the citizen’s funds and drove them to poverty, and when they disagreed they destroyed the economic cycle, and put the country in the throes of a deep financial crisis which is threating stability.

Today, some parties are in talks about a government including both parties for salvation, but how can these parties who were the source of destruction, demolition and corruption become sources of revival, and transparency? Aren’t we here in front of a fake solution?

  • Sawt Beirut International