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Sawt Beirut International’s News Bulletin – Thursday, Aug. 12, 2021

A brief of today’s news bulletin:

  • Who blew up the shameful session, the people’s anger, or Berri’s miscalculations?
  • Subsidies lifted, subsidies not lifted, citizens are the victims of this confusion
  • Diesel fuel vanished from the market, oxygen machines halted, and patients are at risk

The Parliament and its Speaker have lost their legitimacy in the last two days. Yesterday the victim’s families were attacked while staging a sit-in in front of the Parliament Speaker’s house in Ain al-Tineh. They were accused by opposing the shameful session that aims to protect the Prime Minister, ministers and deputies from interrogation before the judicial investigator.

Who gave the official security members the authority to attack people? Is the Parliament Police a legitimate security force affiliated with the competent security authorities, or is it a branch of the Amal Movement? How does Nabih Berri allow security forces that follow his direct authority to act with such hatred towards the protesters? Does Berri believe that with hatred, violence and tyranny he can remain in power as long as the Parliament exists?

In any case, the pillars of Berri’s authority were shaken strongly today, as he insisted on holding the session while many MPs refused to be false witnesses and participate in obstructing the course of justice, as the required quorum was not achieved.

The families of the victims and their supporters formed a human girdle in front of the UNESCO Palace, which made many MPs refrain from participating in the session. This shows that the street is in place and the Parliament has become in another. So Congrats for Berri this unhappy end to the shameful session. Congrats to Berri this stubbornness, and this bullying of his security forces on the people. But at the end the voice of the people was stronger and their decision was more effective, so they were able to prevent holding of a parliamentary session, which aimed at preventing access to the truth.

Will Berri learn from this experience that the people and his colleagues taught him, so that he finally realizes that parliamentary work is not a thuggery?

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