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Sawt Beirut International’s News Bulletin, Tuesday, June 22, 2021

In today’s news bulletin:

  • Hariri and Basil are leaders by coincidence, when they reconcile they share quotas, and when they fight they disrupt
  • What are the four European criteria for imposing sanctions on Lebanese officials?
  • Gas stations work for the benefit of fuel importing companies, and monopoly prevails

Historically, Lebanon was built on two main pillars, the Christians and Muslims, but it became a country that lives with two mandates, Saad Hariri and Gebran Bassil.

Hariri, who declares and reiterates that he is fighting an existential battle with Michel Aoun and Gebran Bassil to defend Sunni’s rights, decided in one night to convey his governmental decision to Nabih Berri. The equation has changed, so when Berri instructs Hariri implements. The latter was intending to apologize, and this has annoyed Berri because he considered that this will stall his initiative. This his pushed Hariri to reverse his decision, saying that he will never apologize unless Berri announces that his initiative have reached a deadlock.

On the other hand, Bassil, the champion who is eager about the Christians’ rights and the powers of the Presidency of the Republic, has conveyed his decision to Hassan Nasrallah and mandated him to take the appropriate decision regarding the future of Christians.

So how does Hariri and Basil think? There practices indicate that either they do not know what they are doing, or they are aware but rather selling what they don’t own twice. First, they are purporting that they are bringing the Christians’ and Sunnis’ rights, and then they sell the rights of the Sunnis and Christians to Berri and Nasrallah.

In both cases, Lebanon is the loser. We will all recognize later that Hariri and Bassil will strengthen the Shiite duo and will help them control the Lebanese decision. So is there any sense in rejecting the troika after we approached the era of Shiite unilateralism?!

The most dangerous in this situation is that the diversion of the decision of the Sunnis and Christians is not for the interest of any Lebanese party, but rather for the interest of Iran and the Persian Empire, which dreams of expanding towards the Mediterranean under the title of the Islamic Revolution.

Will Saad Hariri and Gebran Bassil wake up before it is too late? Hariri and Bassil are still immature to rule a country, and unfortunately, we are in a big trouble because the country’s fate is between the hands of these two children!

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