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Sawt Beirut International’s News Bulletin – Tuesday, June 8, 2021

A brief of tonight’s news bulletin:

  • No government has yet been constituted, and the only option is early Parliamentary Elections to save the country.
  • The authority is attempting to enable Beirut’s Port at the expense of Tripoli’s Port
  • Is Telecom Sector on the verge of reaching Power Sector’s destiny in terms of declining services and shortages?

The morphine needles are no longer effective because the Lebanese wound is bleeding. Because Lebanon can no longer tolerate it, the Speaker of Parliament announced today that the current week will be a governmental week. Of course, we want to believe President Berri and hope for a quick resolution to the government’s problems. However, things don’t seem to go with the flow of Ain El-Tineh’s ambitions. The French initiative has reached rock bottom that the deal that Macron got in Lebanon is stronger than the slap he got today from a French individual. Even Berri’s initiative has sunk so low. For instance, MP Faysal Karameh moves from one office to the other, campaigning for the role of Prime Minister. On the other hand, Assem Araji, a member of the Future Movement, believed that there is no possibility to establish a government as long as the Prime Minister-designate is being exposed to constraints.

Isn’t it all to indicate that there isn’t a government led by Hariri? The knot lies not in the one who summons the two Christian ministers, nor in the blocking third, but in the lack of agreement between the President of the Republic and the designated Prime Minister, and between the latter and Gebran Bassil. That might be what President Berri meant when he said the Lebanese problem is a 100% a humanitarian disaster. He could have highlighted that this is a personal crisis as well.

In other words, everything going on in politics right now is a good idea to buying out time. That’s it. The Lebanese have been unable to purchase their daily needs, since the dollar exceeded the 14,000 LBP benchmark.

To Aoun, Hariri, and Bassil, we say, many thanks to you, for ruining the system! Thank you for the new demolition trilogy you imposed on citizen!

  • Sawt Beirut International