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Sawt Beirut International’s News Bulletin – Wednesday, Aug. 11, 2021

A brief of tonight’s news bulletin:

  • After bread and serums, there are now water bottles, as well as additional sequences recording non-stop smuggling of petrol and diesel.
  • A session will be held tomorrow, the outcome of which is undetermined, and the families of the port victims are protesting the shame session.
  • Sawt Beirut International researches and investigates the Michel Aoun Foundation. What has it accomplished thus far?

Is the Parliament made up of citizens’ representatives or merely anti-people conspirators? According to Elie Ferzli, Deputy Speaker of Parliament, if the news concerning the objective of tomorrow’s session is real, the second hypothesis becomes right. Tomorrow’s session will result in the formation of a parliamentary committee with extensive powers to probe the port’s crime, so why did the parliament suddenly wake up one year later and decide to intervene in the investigation?

The answer is unequivocal and does not allow for any ambiguity. Parliament members who do not want to reach the truth and justice assumed that the Lebanese judiciary would not dare to summon senior officials to appear before it, so they initially agreed that the crime of Beirut Port would be referred to the Judiciary; however, when they discovered that the judiciary, unlike them, wanted to reach the truth, they expelled the first Judicial Investigator, Fadi Sawan. And now, they are trying to block the second Judicial Investigator, Judge Tarek Bitar’s work, by organizing a Parliamentary Inquiry committee.

What exactly is this arrogance in the face of such a historical crime? What is the nature of this premeditated crime against the victims and their families, the wounded, and Lebanon as a whole? How could the people’s representatives deceive them to this point by claiming that they want the truth through a parliamentary committee of investigation, but who will investigate with whom in this case? As we all know, the inquiry committee will be made up of politicians, and the majority of these lawmakers will be involved in the crime in some way through their accused ministers. Have you ever heard that the accused is conducting a probe to determine whether he is the criminal?

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