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Sawt Beirut International’s News Bulletin – Wednesday, Aug. 4, 2021

A brief of today’s news bulletin:

  • On the first anniversary of a horrific blast at the port, thousands of Lebanese marched demanding justice
  • Macron: The political class is corrupt, and places their individual and political interests above the Lebanese people’s interests
  • The presumptive decision of the port blast will see light late this year

A whole year has passed between August 4, 2020, and August 4, 2021, since the crime and massacre committed against the entire nation, so did something change?

Before the catastrophic blast, the small country was in a state of rejection, anger, and revolution against a system that allowed anything to achieve its ambitions. The horrific explosion has increased anger and fueled the revolution among citizens. Nevertheless, the practices of the rulers remained as is without any attempts to change or make difference.

The French president Emanuel Macron proposed forming a government of specialists. On that day, the politicians reluctantly agreed or apparently agreed, but they decided to booby the initiative from within, and that’s what happened. Mustafa Adib was designated as Prime Minister, but he apologized. Then Saad Hariri was designated and also apologized. Recently, Najib Mikati was designated and he Is also on his way to apologize.

What does the government’s reality prove? It proves what the French President has announced today in front of International leaders, that the corrupt Lebanese politicians have only made the situation worse by placing their individual and political interests above the Lebanese people’s interests.

Accordingly, the international community will not sign any blank check to the Lebanese political system because it is defaulting. In return for reprimanding the political class, Macron addressed greetings to the Lebanese people and the army, and he also threatened the political class, by adopting sanctions on those obstructing efforts to end the political crisis.

So, after a whole year, confrontation is still raging between a class that wants everything for itself and steal from people the past and the future, and between people who want the change at all costs.

Who will succeed at the end, the sons of injustice and darkness or the sons of light and truth? Historical experiences prove that truth prevails at the end, and that the murderous, corrupt rulers will fall. Lebanon will not be an exception to this rule.

To Lebanese rulers, the truth is definitely coming and you are definitely leaving. By the way, thank you Macron for reprimanding the ruling class. It was the best revenge for us a year after the port blast.

  • Sawt Beirut International