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SBI bulletin 20/3/2021

The activity of the ruling system puts the $ 246 million loan for the poorest families in an unknown state.

In light of the lack of positivity in the formation of the promised government, will Diab’s government float until the end of the era?

Mothers of the victims of the Beirut port bombing are asking, on the eve of Mother’s Day, who will return our motherhood to us?

From today to next Monday, all we can do is wait. Thus, the weekend will not be a holiday for politicians. Rather, it will witness public and unannounced meetings, as well as intense contacts to get the authoring process out of the bottleneck. Starting by contacts to the sudden visit of Walid Jumblatt to Baabda Palace, despite these facts. The data do not lead to optimism, as the seventeenth meeting between the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister-designate was not positive in content. It is true that a breakthrough was achieved in the long boycott between the two men, but on the other hand it confirmed what is certain, which is that the difference in the governmental approach is very large, and that the personal chemistry between Aoun and Hariri has not returned to its previous era, and it may be the fourth impossible that it will return, but all of this is something, and what the Secretary General of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, announced regarding hid stances, is something else.

Nasrallah’s speech announced the start of a new phase in the way Hezbollah deals with the Lebanese reality. Since a long time, Nasrallah did not take off the silk gloves to face direct, locally directed strikes, in which he abandoned ambiguity and quiet political language. The essence of Nasrallah’s speech is summarized as follows: No to compromise on any Lebanese issue or file, and yes to escalation and in all directions. This is how Nasrallah escalated the situation against Hariri, against the governor of the Banque du Liban, and against the army commander, sending messages and issuing warnings, as well as hinting of  big and important options, if they were not implemented through the state and the law, then the party would resort to implementing it.

So, Hezbollah, which is cornered locally, regionally and internationally, is threatening decisive choices if its options are not complied with vis a vis the  Lebanese reality. Is it to this extent that the fearful force is now afraid ? How will Nasrallah translate his threats? Is it by fleeing forward and fighting a war against Israel, or by retreating into the Lebanese interior according to the method of May 7? So is what was feasible in 2008 still usable and effective in 2021? Or will he turn against the perpetrators and turn the magic on the magician?

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