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SBI news bulletin April 4, 2021

In today’s news bulletin:

  • Eight months after the Beirut Port’s explosion, and the truth didn’t appear yet, so what are the hurdles?
  • Disguised localization leaks from legitimate gates, and the key is to waive individual’s right to return.
  • The government formation in a black tunnel, and Aoun and Hariri waiting for the one who initiate.

April 4, 2021 is the Day of Resurrection for the Christians that follow the Western calendar. It is also the eight-month commemoration of the Port of Beirut blast. The Resurrection of Christ gives hope in the land and sows hope among people, but the port’s explosion represents failure, destruction and death. The failure that we are talking about is not the failure of citizens and society, but rather the failure of official and governmental institutions. It is a failure that did not end on August 4, 2020, but it continues until now, as where did the investigations become after all these long months? Did the state define responsibilities? Did it know whom drawn, who participated, who colluded, and who ignored? Did the concerned authorities knew whether the explosion was a terrorist act or it was due to an error or negligence?

So far, there is no answer to all of these questions. The reason is not related to the failure of the judiciary, as the former and current judicial investigators have done what they are required to do. But the problem is due to two matters: the internal hurdles that politicians put in order to protect themselves under glamorous headings mainly the parliamentary immunity, and the external obstacles which is because the Lebanese judiciary has not received yet the reports of the Western security delegations that visited Lebanon. So why is this delay? Who bears the responsibility? Shall the country witness delay in everything from port investigations to the formation of the government?

The objective conditions for forming a government have not reached maturity yet, contrary to what was reported before the Eid holiday. The President was honest when he announced in Bkerke that there are so many hurdles and whenever they solve one, another one emerge. It was clear when he considered that the date for getting out from the black tunnel could not be determined before the Prime Minister designate returns back from his trip abroad. Our officials are unable to agree on any issue when they meet personally, so how can they solve the rising issues virtually, and via phone calls? All this means that the government formation is postponed for after the Eid holiday. So can the country remain hang on the cross even during the Resurrection day?

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