| 24 July 2024, Wednesday |

Mega Dice Telegram Casino App: World’s first crypto casino offering licensed gambling through TG

In a breakthrough for crypto casino adoption, Mega Dice is leading the way by opening the world’s first licensed crypto casino accessible via the Telegram app.

The crypto casino sector is a big business and growing in popularity because it leverages blockchain’s unique transparency and trust features to create a new standard for fairness in the industry.

The largest crypto casino in the world is considered, with revenue in 2022 estimated at $2.6 billion, according to a recent Financial Times report.

With this market-beating offering, Mega Dice casino on Telegram is not just snapping at the heels of; it is outdoing it in a significant forum for targeting the gambling audience.

Mega Dice has 700 million Telegram users all to itself

Telegram was estimated to have around 700 million active users in 2022. It has become immensely popular in the crypto community because of its superior feature set compared to the likes of WhatsApp.

Nimble and licensed casino operator Mega Dice has spotted the opportunity to bring its offering to tens of millions of crypto enthusiasts, not to mention the wider public.

In particular, Mega Dice is making use of the powerful robot capabilities of Telegram.

This automation utility has enabled Telegram to become the messaging platform of choice for hosting sophisticated products, from gaming to crypto trading.

With Telegram, developers can program bots to execute processes initiated by users sending text-based commands, prefaced by a forward slash.

But with Mega Dice, you don’t even need the forward slash, as everything is accessible with the click of a button.

A spokesperson for Mega Dice said:

“We are delighted to have delivered this first-of-its-kind product. It shows we are not just innovators but are also driven by a passionate desire to bring our friendly yet secure gaming service to wherever our potential users are to be found.

“Telegram is not just one of the most powerful pieces of technology out there; it is also one of the fastest-growing networks on the internet, so we are excited to be part of its growth journey.

“But as a business proposition, bringing Mega Dice to Telegram was perhaps an obvious thing to do. Nevertheless, we believe it takes pioneers to execute what, in retrospect, is eventually seen as self-evident.

“The take-up since Mega Dice’s stealth launch has been nothing short of incredible.”

Mega Dice bot makes onboarding frictionless and playing even easier
The ease of use of Telegram bots is why the platform is already a favorite among the crypto community, making Mega Dice casino the perfect market fit.

Mega Dice on Telegram means no KYC. Because Telegram users verify account uniqueness through their telephone number, onboarding to use Mega Dice on Telegram couldn’t be smoother.

A Telegram account is all you need to get up and running with Mega Dice.

Simply go to, click ‘start’, and it opens a connection to the web app where you can deposit Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, or Dogecoin into the wallet addresses created for each deposit currency.