| 17 April 2024, Wednesday |

Saudi Arabia’s industrial sector adopts technology, innovation to provide jobs

According to the official Saudi Press Agency (SPA), Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Industry and Mineral Resources Bandar al-Khorayef stated that the Kingdom’s industrial sector uses technology and innovation to create job opportunities for citizens.

Al-Khorayef cited the launch of NEOM Industrial City “Oxagon,” which represents a qualitative leap for the Kingdom’s industrial sector, switching to clean energy in accordance with the goals of the Saudi Green and Green Middle East initiatives.

Speaking at the Global Summit for Industry and Manufacturing (GMIS) in the United Arab Emirates, the minister stated that Saudi Arabia has demonstrated a high capacity and efficiency in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic while putting human health and safety, business continuity, and economic support first.

According to SPA, “the minister emphasized that what has been done since the launch of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 in terms of regulations, legislation, and investments in communications infrastructure has been critical in overcoming the pandemic.”

Al-Khorayef emphasized that Saudi Arabia has high ambitions for the industrial sector, emphasizing its importance to the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 and its role in diversifying the economy and providing investment and job opportunities for citizens.

He went on to say that the Kingdom’s industrial system aims to assist industrial investors in completing their tasks, meeting their objectives, and obtaining promising opportunities for growth and development, not only in meeting local needs but also in increasing exports to make the Kingdom a global logistics platform.

  • alarabiya