| 7 December 2023, Thursday |

Twitter asks users to review and revise offensive replies

The social media platform Twitter will now prompt users to review and revise “potentially harmful or offensive” replies. Twitter which has often faced criticism over abusive user behavior, tested the feature last year.

Twitter said the tests showed that the prompts reduced offensive replies.

On Wednesday, the company said it would roll the prompts out to English language accounts using Twitter on Apple and Android.

In a blog post, Twitter said they had found that prompts led 34 percent of people to revise their initial reply or to decide against sending their reply at all.

Users composed, on average, 11 percent fewer offensive replies after being prompted for the first time, Twitter said.

It seems, however, that you can still swear at your friends.

Twitter said the prompts are designed to consider the nature of the relationship between the accounts that tweets and the account that replies.

“If two accounts follow and reply to each other often, there’s a higher likelihood that they have a better understanding of preferred tone of communication,” the blog post said.