| 7 October 2022, Friday |

World’s first hydrogen-powered hydrofoil to be made in Dubai

The Jet, the world’s first hydrogen-powered hydrofoil, will be built in Dubai as the city continues to lure cutting-edge technological firms.

The Jet ZeroEmission, a Swiss start-up, has inked an agreement with the UAE’s Zenith Marine Services and Dwyn to produce and operate what it claims is the world’s first clean energy, hydrogen-powered “flying boat,” according to the Dubai Media Office.

“The news highlights Dubai’s leadership position as a worldwide center for future industries,” according to the media office.

“Dubai’s solid infrastructure and welcoming investment climate have made it an excellent launchpad for creative firms seeking to achieve global success.”

The news is a step forward for both the clean-tech industry and the start-up, which has obtained a portion of the needed €10 million ($11.41 million).

The Jet’s cutting-edge technology enable it to cruise at a cruising speed of 40 knots (74kph).

The boat has vanes, or foils, that raise the hull clear of the water, resulting in a smooth, silent, low-resistance, and fuel-efficient ride.

It seats eight to twelve people and is outfitted with two fuel cells as well as other ecologically friendly features to help minimize carbon emissions.

“We are delighted to make this news from Dubai, and to be able to produce and launch The Jet, which will be the world’s first boat to sail without noise, waves, or emissions, and to soar 80 cm above the oceans,” Alain Thebault, creator of The Jet ZeroEmission, stated.

“Dubai is a perfect place for inventors and businesses from throughout the world to develop their products and achieve their desired success,” said Mr Thébault, a former world sailing speed record holder.

The Swiss start-up hopes to intensify its fund-raising efforts and attract additional investors and industrial partners.

“We look forward to interacting with individuals who are interested in this incredible flying boat during the 28th International Climate Summit… which will be hosted in the UAE,” Mr Thebault added.

Future industries and clean and renewable energy are at the forefront of Dubai’s and the UAE’s strategic goals.

Dubai has emerged as a worldwide hub for the development of clean and renewable energy.

The emirate has a Renewable Energy Strategy 2050, with the goal of producing 75% of its energy needs from clean sources by 2050.

According to the media office, the strategy also aims to make Dubai a green economic hub based on infrastructure, law, finance, capacity building, skills, and an ecologically friendly energy mix.

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