| 19 June 2024, Wednesday |

Adele defends fan who was told to sit down at Las Vegas concert

An Adele fan has thanked the star for “standing up for me” after she paused a concert on Saturday when she saw a security guard telling him to sit down.

The singer was playing as part of her Las Vegas residency but stopped while performing Water Under the Bridge.

The male audience member was singing along enthusiastically when another fan sitting behind him and a security guard told him he was blocking the view.

Adele spotted that and paused the song, telling the guard to “leave him alone”.

The fan used a selfie stick to record the interaction, which he later posted on TikTok.

The video opened with him standing up and singing along to I Drink Wine before a woman told him: “Look behind you, everybody’s upset.”

‘What’s going on with him?’
The fan then sat down, but when the song concluded, Adele told the crowd: “You can stand up.”

Other audience members also began to stand, but the fan, excited to have apparently been referenced by Adele, started screaming and jumping up and down as the singer began Water Under The Bridge.

A staff member then approached the fan, who assured him he would “stay calm”.

Halting the song, Adele said: “What’s going on with that young fan there? He’s been bothered so much since I came on for standing up. What’s going on with him?”

She told the staff: “Why are you bothering him, can you leave him alone please?”

She then told the fan: “They won’t bother you… you enjoy the show.”

A security guard told him: “You don’t have to sit down, you’re fine, stay right here.”

‘No time for them haters’
The singer then asked her band to “start again”, and told the audience: “Sorry guys, he’s been bothered the whole show by security about people sitting behind him, he’s here to have fun, all of you are here to have fun.”

Afterwards, he wrote on TikTok: “Adele thank you so much for this breathtaking night and for standing up for me, so that I could live your concert as it should be.

“I still cannot wrap my head around the fact that I was in the same room as ADELE, sang every song with her, and she even stopped the show to defend me.

“I did not expected [sic] everyone in my section to be mad at me for having the time of my life and wanting to stand up and sing with her, but I honestly did not care at all about what anyone was saying to me.

“I just was in awe with the masterpiece I was watching with my own eyes. I did not have time for them haters.”

Adele, best known for hits such as Rolling In The Deep, Hello, Someone Like You and Easy On Me, is set to continue her Las Vegas shows until November.