| 27 February 2024, Tuesday |

Australian police free entrapped juvenile humpback off east coast

Australian marine police cut free a young whale entangled in fishing ropes and buoys off the coast of Sydney late on Sunday.

Members of the public reported a whale in distress, prompting police to dispatch a search helicopter to waters near Bondi Beach.

Police Superintendent Brad Monk told media on Monday that “the whale appeared to have fish netting wrapped around it with a couple of floating buoys.”

Monk noted that “several watercraft were around the whale at the time. The whale appeared in distress.”

He added that the humpback, believed to be as young as 1 year old, was last seen heading further into deep water.

“The whale was actually quite accommodating,” he said. “It actually was able to slow down to allow the police to do what they needed to do to help it. It was like it almost knew.”

  • Reuters