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Company offering $1,300 to someone to watch scariest movies ever made

A company is offering to pay $1,300 to someone to watch thirteen of the scariest movies ever made to find out whether high-budget horror movies are better than those with a lower budget.

“Wanted: A horror lover for hire who is brave enough to watch 13 scary movies to find out whether high-budget horror movies deliver more scares than low-budget ones,” FinanceBuzz said in a press release.

FinanceBuzz describes itself as an informational website centered around finance.

Dubbed as a hired Horror Movie Heart Rate Analyst, those who wish to apply for the position must watch the following scary films:
• Saw
• Amityville Horror
• A Quiet Place
• A Quiet Place Part 2
• Candyman
• Insidious
• The Blair Witch Project
• Sinister
• Get Out
• The Purge
• Halloween (2018)
• Paranormal Activity
• Annabelle

The Horror Movie Heart Rate Analyst will help FinanceBuzz discover whether a movie’s budget impacts how scary it is by monitoring a person’s heart rate with the help of a FitBit while watching each movie.

Those who wish to apply for the assignment will also be asked to rank each movie based on their prediction of the size of their budgets.

“More often than not, horror movies are scary because of their story… not the budget of the production studio,” FinanceBuzz said.

“With Halloween around the corner, all streaming services and channels are going to start playing some familiar fear-inducing favorites. In honor of the upcoming spooky season, we at FinanceBuzz are dying to know whether or not high-budget horror movies deliver stronger scares than low budget ones,” they added.

US-based horror movie lovers can apply for the assignment by September 26 if they are over the age of eighteen. If chosen, a person has to watch the thirteen movies by October 18.

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