| 21 May 2024, Tuesday |

Dubai salon offers ‘microchip manicures’ that carries a digital business card

Worried about getting too close to others when trading business cards in the age of social distancing? A Dubai beauty salon has come up with a novel solution – a microchip manicure that carries your digital calling card.

Clients at Lanour Beauty Lounge near Dubai’s Trade center can choose to upload their desired information to a microchip via an application available on either iPhone or Android. The microchip is then sealed onto their nail with polish.

The microchip, which can store social media accounts and other basic information, can then be scanned by smartphone users to pull up the digital business card.

Hanane Spiers, a 35-year-old presenter based in Dubai, said although it seems like a gimmick, she was excited by the prospect of trying something new.

“Will it be the future? Maybe,” she said after a nail technician painted her microchip onto her nail, under a layer of glittery silver nail polish. “Now if I’m in a loud place and I want to share my instagram or my social media, I’ll say ‘Scan my finger!’”

The idea was the brainchild of salon owner Nour Makarem, who says hers is the first salon in the United Arab Emirates to provide the service.

Since posting it on her business’ social media page about a month ago, she says clients have flocked in to try the new experiment.

  • alarabiya