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‘Game changers’: Forbes announces Middle East’s 30 under 30 list

Forbes Middle East on Wednesday released it’s “30 under 30” 2021 list, featuring the region’s most promising young talent under the age of 30, according to a press release.

The list features youth that excel in different categories such as sports, e-commerce, technology, finance, education, policy, healthcare, and social entrepreneurship.

According to Forbes, to be eligible for the 30 under 30 list, applicants must be under the age of 30 and can have any nationality but must reside in the Middle East.

The United Arab Emirates has dominated the list, with 12 from the list residing in the country.

Forbes Middle East’s 30 under 30 list:
• Chndy and Cheb Moha, UAE/Oman, artists.
• Farah Chreim, Lebanon, TikTok singer.
• Rafik El Hariri, Lebanon, illustrator.
• Issam Alnajjar, Jordan, singer.
• Yadhushan Mahendran, Maria Sobh, and Muhammad Rijal, UAE, co-founders of a product development and design company.
• Aboudy Farkh, UAE, founder of a marketplace for sustainable products.
• Ahmed Gaber, Egypt, co-founder of an Egyptian courier service.
• Elias Tsikhlakis, UAE, one of the founding members of an eyewear e-commerce platform.
• Hannah Curan, UAE, makes and sells eco-friendly baby products.
• Alain El Hajj, Mostafa Menessy, Islam Shawky, Egypt, developed one of the leading digital payments facilitators in the region.
• Karim and Walid Dib, UAE, co-founders of an insurance company.
• Rachel Decker, UAE, co-founder of an advisory firm.
• Youssef Salem, UAE, one of the youngest CFOs of a Nasdaq-listed company.
• Ahmed Alawadhi and Ahmed Mahmood, Bahrain, co-founders of a telemedicine app.
• Ally Salama, UAE, CEO and founder of a mental health and wellness magazines.
• Jawaher Almheiri, UAE, Head of Asian Economic Affairs at the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Section.
• Marwa al-Mansoori, UAE, Board member for the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce, and CEO of Prosper Partners Consultancy.
• Mohammed Bassel al-Madani, Syria, CEO and founder of a social platform that aims to connect young people in Syria and region as well as Syrians abroad, to develop solutions to help rebuild Syria.
• Haris Aghadi, Qatar, CEO and founder of a health platform.
• Noor Boodai, Kuwait, CEO and founder of an education platform.
• Ahmed Hafnaoui, Tunisia, a swimmer.
• Feryal Abdelaziz, Egypt, Olympic Gold Medalist in karate.
• Fares El-Bakh, Qatar, Olympic Gold Medalist in weightlifting.
• Mutaz Barshim, Qatar, high jump world champion and holder of the Asian world record.
• Ons Jabeur, Tunisia, tennis player.
• Soufiane El Bakkali, Morocco, Olympic Gold Medalist in long distance running.
• Antoine Jebara, Lebanon, CEO and founder of a password management and authentication solution platform.
• Asrar Damdam, Saudi Arabia, CEO and founder of a biotech company that aims to prolong the shelf-life of fresh food without using chemicals.
• Bilal Shabandri and Kevin Martin, UAE, co-founders of a ride-sharing service.
• Marc Banoub, Egypt, CEO and co-founder of an AI platform.

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