| 1 December 2021, Wednesday |

Lebanese Actor Pierre Jamjian Dies at Age 72

The great Lebanese actor Pierre Jamjian passed away on Thursday at the age of 72 from causes that are still unknown. Among the last series in which he starred was “Al-Hayba” in several seasons.

Jamjian began his artistic life with the Rahbanis and presented very successful works, especially in the character “Piaro” for which he was very famous. During his long career, he also presented theater, television and film works, including the following:

  • “Sahriya”, “Nazl El-Sourour”, “Film Ameriki Tawil”, “Chi Fashel” with Ziad Rahbani, and other theatrical works.
  • “Yeseed Masakom”, “Teacher and Professor”, “Ibrahim Afandi”, “Al-Dunya Lamin”, “Al-Ghaliboun”, “Kiyamat Al-Banadeq”, and others.