| 16 April 2024, Tuesday |

Malmo Arab Film Festival 2021: 40 movies from the region will be screened during hybrid event

The 11th Malmo Arab Film Festival kicks off on Tuesday in a hybrid format with a screening programme that includes 40 movies from the Arab world.

The event, which opens with Oscar-nominated Tunisian film The man who sold his skin   directed by Kaouther Ben Hania, is showcasing some of the most prominent films to come out of the Arab world over the past year. This also includes Ameen Nayfeh’s 200 Metres, Farah Nabulsi’s Oscar-nominated short The Present  , Cannes winner Idon’t want to forget your face   by Sameh Alaa and award-winning documentary Their Algeria  by Lina Soualem.

The festival runs until Sunday, April 11 in a hybrid format, whereby films will be screened online, via a dedicated platform called Maff Play, as well as physically shown at Panora Cinema in Malmo, Sweden, with a limited capacity because of Covid-19 safety measures.

The official feature film competition includes 12 films. The jury consists of prominent industry professionals such as Palestinian director and producer Najwa Najjar, Saudi actress and director Fatima Albanwy, Moroccan film researcher Leila Charadi, Lebanese presenter Raya Abi Rached and Egyptian screenwriter Tamer Habib.

Meanwhile, the short film competition, which features 17 films, has a jury made up of Lebanese director and producer Manon Nammour, Egyptian director and producer Maggie Anwar, Algerian film critic Faycal Chibani, Bahraini film critic Tariq Albahhar and Emirati actor Mansoor Alfeeli.

Other films will be screened under an Arabian Nights programme and a special screening of shorts.

Discussions will take place after the screenings on Maff Play and will remain available for viewing throughout the festival.

This year’s programme will also include masterclasses with Egyptian screenwriter Mariam Maoum, moderated by film critic Ahmad Shawky, and another with Egyptian actress Mona Zaki, moderated by Habib.

Here is the full list of films running in competition:

Feature film competition

200 Metres – directed by Ameen Nayfeh (Palestine, Sweden, Italy, Qatar, Jordan)

Autumn of Apple Trees – directed by Mohamed Muftakir (Morocco)

Curfew – directed by Amir Ramses (Egypt)

The Dilemma – directed by Ghazi Zaghbeni (Tunisia)

The Disqualified – directed by Hamza Ouni (France, Tunisia, Qatar)

Gaza Mon Amour – directed by Arab and Tarzan Nasser (Palestine, France, Germany, Portugal, Qatar)

The Man Who Sold His Skin – directed by Kaouther Ben Hania (Tunisia, France, Belgium, Germany, Sweden)

The Postcard – directed by Asmae El Moudir (Morocco, Qatar)

The Tambour of Retribution – directed by Abdulaziz Al-Shalahi (Saudi Arabia)

Their Algeria – directed by Lina Sweilem (France, Algeria, Switzerland, Qatar)

Under The Concrete – directed by Roy Arida (France, Lebanon)

We Are From There – directed by Wissam Tanios (Lebanon)

Short film competition

A Handful of Dates – directed by Hashim Hassan (Sudan)

Aicha – directed by Zakaria Nouri (Morocco)

Amygdala – directed by Dana Abdessamad (Lebanon)

An Evening with Laila – directed by Haya Alghanim (Kuwait)

The Bath – directed by Anissa Daoud (Tunisia)

The Black Veil – directed by A J Al Thani (Qatar)

Hayat – directed by Mirvet Medini Kammoun (Tunisia)

Hemingway – directed by Ghaith and Laith Al-Adwan (Jordan)

I am Afraid to Forget Your Face – directed by Sameh Alaa (Egypt, France, Qatar, Belgium)

The Other Cheek – directed by Sandro Canaan (Egypt)

The Present – directed by Farah Nabulsi (Palestine)

Roadblock – directed by Dahlia Nemlich (Lebanon)

Al Sit – directed by Suzannah Mirghani (Sudan)

Sunday at Five – directed by Sherif Elbandary (Egypt)

Tapes Began Decaying – directed by Reeda Fneiche (Lebanon)

The Tower of Silence – directed by Mohamed Aouad (Morocco)

Tuk Tuk – directed by Mohamed Kheidr (Egypt)