| 19 June 2024, Wednesday |

Former MP Moukheiber will not run in May’s Parliamentary elections!

Former MP Ghassan Moukheiber will not run the current Parliamentary elections, but will continue his work to serve public affairs.”

In a statement he said: “Lebanon is in danger and its fate is unknown after the unprecedented collapse and bankruptcy of the state, and the humiliation of its citizens due to the structural corruption of the ruling sectarian political system, its mismanagement of public affairs and the dependence of parts of it on abroad.”

Moukheiber added: “Therefore, I had to stand by the side of the people who are revolting against this reality and rejecting it, and I had to fulfill the duty of rescue by running for elections to change the ruling system, despite the disadvantages of the available electoral system, and seeking to fighting the electoral battle from my independent political position with personalities, groups, parties and forces of change on the basis of a program that sets clear goals for their efforts and unites them despite their diverse backgrounds.”

He added: “For this reason, I made the difficult decision to stop running in the current elections, continuing to work to serve the public that I started nearly thirty years ago, before, during and after my mandate.”

  • NNA