| 21 April 2024, Sunday |

10 measures capable of solving Lebanese crisis

The Head of the Economic and Social Council, Charles Arbid, said on his Twitter account: “Almost 10 measures are capable of solving the crisis in Lebanon.”

He said: “If there is an intention, then it is possible. Many people say that there isn’t any solution for this country, but just imagine with me this scene:

1- Forming a reliable government of independents with exceptional powers.

2- The commitment of the main political forces to hold the parliamentary elections on time.

3- Completing negotiations with the IMF, while committing to implementing reforms, and applying austerity and governance.

4- Lifting subsidies gradually in conjunction with the financing card.

5- Enacting the capital control law immediately, along with the independence of the judiciary, competition and decentralization.

6- Implementing the required reforms for the banking sector by merging and restructuring.

7- Launching a comprehensive forensic audit.

8- Issuing the preliminary report for the investigation results of August 4 explosion.

9- Rearranging ties with friendly countries and reconciliation with expatriates.

10- Announcing a 100-day truce by putting an end to the political debates.

“In this way, we can resolve the crisis in Lebanon,” he said.

He reiterated: “If there is an intention, there is a huge potential to solve the crisis.”

  • Sawt Beirut International