| 19 May 2024, Sunday |

8000 L.L. for one Kilowatt?

Head of Generators Owners Association, Abdo Saadeh, confirmed that “the Ministry of Energy has two prices for diesel, which is leading to market’s hindering, as for the month of August, 2460 pounds per kilowatt was priced.”

He indicated viz a radio interview that “we have already said that with the lifting of the subsidy, we will not be able to continue covering the variance in electricity rationing, and with the lifting of the subsidy, the price of a kilowatt will reach 8000 Lebanese pounds, and if a  ton of diesel is to become 11 million pounds, we will not be able to buy the material and we will turn off our generators.”

Saadeh stressed, “The solution today is to support diesel on the basis of the exchange rate of 3900 pounds against the dollar, so that the generator bill remains acceptable, or let them provide 24/24 electricity, and we will stop working.”