| 4 February 2023, Saturday |

947 new COVID-19 infections in Lebanon

The Lebanese Ministry of Health announced the registration of 5 deaths and 947 new infections with the Corona virus.

The head of the Parliamentary Health Committee, Representative Assem Araji, indicated earlier that “corona infections range between 900-1000, and the percentage of positive tests reached 5.5%, which should not exceed 5%, according to the World Health Organization,” explaining “The winter season is an incubator environment for the spread of viruses.”

He stressed in a radio interview, that “infections are rising due to gatherings in closed places, and a failure to adhere to preventive measures,” noting that “the medical sector in Lebanon is suffering greatly, due to the shortage of medicines, and nurses, as well as the closure of some Corona departments in some hospitals.”

Araji stressed, “We do not have the ability and strength to confront Corona again, as it was before,” noting that “wearing a mask, adhering to social distancing, and avoiding closed places, are very important measures.”

  • Sawt Beirut International