| 3 March 2024, Sunday |

A bread bundle for 12,000 Lebanese pounds

The Ministry of Economy and Trade issued the following statement:

“The Ministry of Economy and Trade has spared no effort to keep white bread within the reach of everyone, which is a strategic commodity and one of the main components of food security for the Lebanese.
For this purpose, the Ministry worked, under the direction of Minister Amin Salam, to adopt exceptional detailed mathematical, numerical and procedural treatments, which allowed keeping the bundle price within the acceptable margin, in line with the pressing economic conditions and low purchasing power.

It is no secret that setting the price of white bread is inevitably linked to the economic and financial factors that affect all sectors without exception.

The evasion that occurred in the exchange market, the significant rise in the prices of ingredients used in the loaf industry, especially flour and fuel, in addition to the Banque du Liban’s lifting of subsidies on sugar and yeast, the rise in the price of wheat globally, transportation costs, the continuous power cuts and the increased reliance on private generators, all Factors that can only be taken into account when determining the price of white bread.

The ministry had previously introduced the family tie at a lower cost to the consumer.

Based on these facts, Minister Salam set a new price for a bundle of white bread of three sizes: 345 grams at 6000 pounds, 835 grams at 10,000 pounds, and 1,050 grams (the family bundle) at 12000 pounds.

Today, Salam issued two decisions: the first is to determine the weight and price of white Lebanese bread, and the second is related to setting the selling price of bran and wheat flour of class 85, zero, extra, super extra and all other categories.

  • Sawt Beirut International