| 17 April 2024, Wednesday |

A deputy withdraws form the anti immunity lifting petition

Representative Salim Saadeh’s office issued a statement saying: “As a petition was signed  by a group of deputies regarding lifting immunity of some parliamentarians and officials in the judicial case related to the crime of the Beirut port explosion. Among the names signed to the petition is the name of Representative Salim Saadeh.”

It added that “since MP Salim Saadeh, by virtue of his parliamentary duties, does not interfere in the affairs of the judiciary, which he trusts, especially in the ongoing investigation into the port explosion case.”

The statement continued, “He declares his support for the prosecution of every perpetrator, no matter how high his position or rank is. In order to correct what was stated in the above statement, Representative Salim Saadeh announces the withdrawal of his signature from the above-mentioned petition and announces his support for the judiciary in the prosecution of every violator of the law and public regulations in the state, and also supports the annulling of all immunities in the port case.”