| 28 January 2023, Saturday |

“A full year has passed since the resignation of the government”… A new statement from Diab

Caretaker Prime Minister Hassan Diab issued a statement saying:

“A full year has passed since the resignation of the government, and the country is still reeling under the weight of a deep crisis, and the Lebanese are facing very severe suffering, while efforts have not succeeded, during a whole year, to form a government that will resume negotiations with the International Monetary Fund, which seems to be the only path available at the moment to get out of the situation collapse.

When our government resigned, negotiations with the IMF had gone a long way in understanding the recovery plan that we had set, but the ominous explosion in the port of Beirut led to the resignation of our government. Financially, most of that aid was limited to dealing with the repercussions of the August 4 explosion.

The government had dealt with the crisis realistically. Over the course of six months of its actual life, it was able to draw a complete picture of the financial reality, with accurate numbers, and transparently determined the size of the huge gaps and accumulated losses, then developed a scientific and practical plan capable of getting Lebanon out of the predicament. Although some of the interventions caused delaying the implementation of the plan and could not stop it, the explosion frustrated the implementation of that plan, and the country entered the political, financial, economic, social and living unknown.

Over the course of a full year, the longest caretaker period in Lebanon’s history, the resigned government dealt with this tunnel, despite its weak capabilities, limited powers, the absence of any effective foreign assistance, and in light of severe internal political disputes.

It is unfair for the caretaker government to be accused of inaction or evasion of responsibility, for every minister of this government has not stopped working, and has not stopped making every effort to deal with successive and successive crises, and the Grand Serail testifies to the amount of work done by the caretaker government , which reached the highest ceiling of the case of the conduct of business, due to the accuracy of the stage, the sensitivity of the situation and the large number of problems. Certainly, the caretaker government was able to slow the course of the collapse, and it is constrained by many restrictions, including the constitutional, charter, national and political ones, in addition to a complete foreign back management for Lebanon, and high walls that prevent Lebanon from helping.

We have done everything we can, but any existing government will not be able to address the structural crisis without external assistance and a practical plan, so how can a caretaker government address this crisis?

Today, a year after the resignation, there is some hope of getting out of the stalemate in forming the government, and of stopping the vicious circle, while emphasizing the need to provide all possible facilities in this context. bumping

Therefore, we are doomed to bet on the success of the ongoing attempts to form a government capable of dealing with the crisis in Lebanon. Therefore, I call on all sincere people, to transcend all calculations, and to abandon all interests, for the sake of Lebanon’s interest, and in order to end the painful reality experienced by the Lebanese.”

  • Sawt Beirut International