| 19 June 2021, Saturday | النسخة العربية

A lawsuit from Hezbollah against Souaid after 6 months, and the latter demands an advanced date

Former MP Faris Souaid tweeted: “The Public Prosecution has set a hearing date for the lawsuit brought against me by Hezbollah on 2/13/2021, that is, after six months.”

Souaid demanded that the date be advanced, saying: “If I really seek to” ignite a civil war, a period of 6 months, will pose a danger on Lebanon”. He continued, “If I am innocent of the party charge,  I should not wait for 6 months to prove  my innocence.”
Saeid had previously blamed Hezbollah rocket fire into Israel during the fighting that took place between the Palestinian factions and the Israeli army.

He tweeted: “Firing rockets from southern Lebanon towards Israel is an act for which Hezbollah and the Lebanese Republic are responsible.” Adding: “It is an unacceptable act that increases the ambiguity we are living today.”