| 30 January 2023, Monday |

A Lebanese pharmaceutical factory suspends production


Member of the Democratic Gathering bloc, MP Bilal Abdullah, tweeted: “In light of the serious medicine crisis that haunts people’s sleep, and the absence of basic medicines or its high prices if found, a Lebanese pharmaceutical factory suspended its production, due to the diesel shortage, with the  possibility of other laboratories and hospitals to do the same, due to the fatal shortage of this vital element.”

Amid the crises, other crises are born in the “Lebanese Hell” that increase pressures on the people whose endurance has exceeded the limits of reason.
In light of the loss of medicines and the humiliation of citizens to find them, even those who suffer from chronic and incurable diseases are at risk of being deprived of securing their treatment, and this is actually happening with some, there has been talk of selling medicines in dollars or according to the price of the black market.

Although  chaos pervades the country in its various sectors, and the hospital and medical sector is no exception, still, the head of the Syndicate of Drug Importers and Warehouse Owners, Karim Jabara says  that “selling medicines indollars is against the law. This is no joke.