| 25 June 2024, Tuesday |

A Qatari Promise to Lebanon: Ready to Provide 3 Alternative Energy Plant

“The Minister of Economy in the caretaker government, Amin Salam, met during his visit to Doha with the Qatari Minister of State for Energy Affairs, Saad bin Sherida Al-Kaabi, who confirmed ‘Doha’s readiness to provide three alternative energy plants to the Lebanese side in partnership with the French company Total.’

Salam discussed with Al-Kaabi ‘the crisis of high energy costs (among the highest globally), which are considered the main reason for the increase in prices of services and goods by about 50%, being the primary obstacle facing production costs for facilities and operational expenses for institutions and companies.’

As Qatar has never hesitated to assist Lebanon and provide solutions, the Qatari minister offered ‘his country’s readiness to undertake the construction of three alternative energy plants in partnership with the French energy giant Total, as a salvaging step for the national economy and the country.’ He emphasized that ‘this donation has facilitated terms and is limited only to the Lebanese side providing the necessary lands for the implementation of this project, with Lebanese authorities choosing locations based on priorities and needs.’

The Qatari side pointed out that ‘the cost of the production capacity of the three plants is about 500 megawatts, which is between 25 and 30% of Lebanon’s current energy need (around 2500 megawatts), provided that alternative energy sources (solar energy) owned by the Lebanese, estimated at about 1000 megawatts, are included.'”

  • Sawt Beirut International