| 1 December 2021, Wednesday |

A social grant for all public sector workers

Prime Minister Najib Mikati announced a social grant that will include all public sector employees.

The grant will be equal to half the employee’s salary and will be paid starting from November 1, and a half salary before the holidays, provided that it is not less than 1.5 million LBP and not more than 3 million LBP.”

He said, “We remind employees that they are obliged to attend their administration at a rate of 66 percent, and these decisions are of an exceptional nature, until we review 2022 budget, which will be completed as soon as possible and approved once the Cabinet convene.”

He also appealed to everyone to cooperate, “because the country is going through tough circumstances, and that’s why we decided to approve this social grant without imposing any taxes because the Ministry of Finance can cover this grant.”

Mikati added: “We did not address the issue of the customs dollar because we do not want to give citizens a social grant and take from them through adding customs fees.”