| 14 April 2024, Sunday |

Abboud: There are urgent matters that make returning to school “impossible”

Head of the Teachers Syndicate in Private Schools, Rodolphe Abboud, confirmed the union’s refusal of teachers’ return to school before they obtain their rights, noting that “from the beginning of the school year, we provide in-person education, and with the deterioration of the health, economic and financial situation, salaries are no longer sufficient for teachers for one week.”

He pointed out via a television statement, that “the attendance return requires either that the teacher has taken the vaccine, and some of them did not take it, or a PCR examination every 48 hours without any reduced prices,” adding that “there are urgent matters that make returning to schools impossible, as the situation with the Corona virus can be avoided by measures, but the fear is of the financial cost, for the teacher to come to school, in addition to the examinations, his admission to the hospital, and also the transportation allowance, and there are things that made the teachers stay at home to reduce their losses.”