| 29 May 2024, Wednesday |

Abdallah says, “medicine outages must awake the conscience of government formation obstructers”

Abdallah says, “medicine outages must awake the conscious of government formation obstructers”

The Member of the Democratic Gathering Bloc, MP Bilal Abdallah said on his Twitter account that the suffering of cancer and incurable disease patients, and their families in securing medicine, must awaken the conscience of everyone who obstructs the government formation, and the mechanisms for returning to the state’s duty for this file.”

Abdallah added: “There is a severe shortage in a wide array of medicines, and officials are blaming each other, and this has become a disgrace to all of us. A radical and permanent solution is required to resolve this hurdle.”

On the other hand, the Caretaker Minister of Public Health Hamad Hassan, announced the pharmaceutical crisis would be resolved soon, calling on the importing companies to “start distributing the stored medicine and shipping new quantities.”

The media office of the Minister of Health said in a statement that, “After vigorous follow-up, accompanied with raids carried out by the ministerial inspection, matters were resolved, and Minister Hassan informed that the Central Bank started providing accumulated permissions and approvals for more than 1,800 invoices.”

The statement: “The ministry called on the pharmaceutical importers to start distributing the stored medicine and shipping new quantities. The warehouses of the importers, in addition to the general drug warehouses, will be under supervision and electronic and field tracking with the support of the ministerial inspection and the competent regulatory agencies.”

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