| 29 May 2024, Wednesday |

Abdallah: To close country two weeks during holidays

Representative Bilal Abdallah indicated via “Twitter” that because hospitalization reality suffers from a real catastrophe in the lack of human and material resources, and because all indications point out that the new Corona wave will be harsh with its results, and because neglect, indifference, loose and non-compliance with preventive measures are increasing, the country should be closed for two weeks, during the festive period.

It is reported that the head of the Parliamentary Health Committee, Representative Assem Araji, warned of the high numbers of “COVID-19” cases in Lebanon, pointing out that “the indicators and numbers of “COVID” are very worrying, and we have 900 beds for intensive care, more than 660 beds have been occupied to date, and the medical supplies are not available, and I pray that we do not reach a disaster after the holidays.”