| 29 February 2024, Thursday |

Abdel Samad at Arab Information Ministers Conference: Arab, international solidarity our sole savior

Manal Abdel Samad Najd, the Caretaker Minister of Information, delivered Lebanon’s address during the 51st session of the Arab Information Ministers Council, which is now taking place in Cairo.

The minister stated that only Arab and international cooperation could save Lebanon from its hazardous difficulties.

“We are meeting today in the midst of harsh and unusual circumstances brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, which has imposed travel and lifestyle restrictions, as well as ongoing tensions in some Arab countries,” Abdel Samad said, adding that Arab countries should feel compelled to meet and unite in a spirit of partnership and constructive efforts now more than ever.

“When our media succeeds, our countries succeed,” she added, urging the consolidation of positive media that is objective and free of bias, discrimination, and intolerance.

The Minister went on to call on Arab countries to support Beirut’s candidacy as the Arab media and information capital.

“From this podium, I restate the Lebanese media’s support for Arab countries facing challenges, and we call and reassert our commitment to our shared history, values, and traditions.” We strive to present their accomplishments in the most positive manner possible,” she continued.

In the face of different obstacles and crises, Abdel Samad went on to confirm Lebanon’s continued and active engagement with its Arab brethren.

“The best assistance that has always accompanied Lebanon in all circumstances has always been and will be brethren Arab countries, through good initiatives, aid, and outstanding efforts to foster cohesiveness, as well as rehabilitation and growth in all sectors,” Samad noted.

  • NNA