| 28 February 2024, Wednesday |

Abi Ramia: Hariri must head to Baabda Palace & not leave before a government is formed

“The priority today is to devise a recovery plan for the country’s catastrophic situation and to initiate its implementation,” MP Simon Abi Ramia said on Sunday, adding that “any future government is a rescue government, not an election government, because referring to parliamentary election preparations, even linguistically, while the country is in this state of collapse is a crime aga”

“The Prime Minister-designate today is at a crossroads, and is cornered at the Lebanese, regional, and Gulf levels,” he said this morning on the radio station “Voice of All Lebanon,” urging him to “head to Baabda Palace and not to leave the premises before forming a government in agreement with the President of the Republic.”

“If Saad Hariri wants us to participate in the government, he should consult with us as he does with the rest of the parties, but it seems clear that he is holding electoral calculations and is aware of the very difficult mission ahead,” Abi Ramia went on, adding that “any government that will be formed will have to take tough decisions and will be faced with painful junctions,” noting that “until now the external doors are still closed before Hariri, as he places all the cards on the table.”

Meanwhile, the MP called on Caretaker PM Hassan Diab to carry out emergency tasks until the formation of the new government, stressing that “everyone bears responsibility for the prevailing situation, and the responsibility lies in saving the ship and not escaping.”

Abi Ramia mentioned France’s commitment for Lebanon on the world stage, citing the availability of French credit lines to obtain humanitarian supplies for Lebanon.

In response to a query on the “Free Patriotic Movement’s” relationship, Abi Ramia stated, “It is fantastic, and the Movement is at its finest.”

  • NNA