| 27 September 2021, Monday |

Abiad: The increase of Delta will be apparent in tonight’s released numbers

The Director General of Rafik Hariri University Hospital, Dr. Firas Abiad, revealed that “yesterday, 1710 shots were administered at the RHUH vaccination center. Thousands of shots were administered at other centers across Flag of Lebanon. Can vaccines stem the incoming Covid tide? That is the aim, though the Delta variant is proving to be quite a challenge”.

He added, “Recent data collected from our labs show that 80% of positive PCR tests were in unvaccinated, 9% in partially vaccinated, and 11% in fully vaccinate patients. More importantly, the vast majority of patients admitted were unvaccinated. Vaccines work, as the graph below shows”.

“Worryingly, the number of requests for transfer of Covid patients to RHUH is rising sharply. Clearly, many hospitals have not, or only partially, reopened their Covid units. It is important to know the current bed capacity, and measures to increase it should be taken”.

“The rate of increase in the spread of Delta will be more apparent when the new Covid numbers are released tonight. Tuesday’s numbers tend to be the highest in the week, as they include some accumulated test results from the weekend. A new high number will be bad news”, he stressed.

“On many fronts, we find ourselves in a worse condition than we were a year ago. Attempts at improvements keep being offset by new developments. For vaccines, there came Delta. Yet, our luck is bound to change, we are due a break. Let us hope it will come soon, we need it”.