| 23 June 2024, Sunday |

Abou Al-Hassan prefers extending the army chief’s mandate if parliament can’t resolve the dossier

MP Hadi Abou Al-Hassan, a member of the Democratic Gathering, stated that the Progressive Socialist Party has consistently advocated for preventing vacancies in any position across the nation.

In a conversation with “Radio Free Lebanon” this morning, the MP stated that the bloc’s position is unambiguous, “All state institutions must be empowered, the first of which is the military institution and the internal security forces,” adding, “We called for avoiding vacuum by electing a president, yet it seems that the vacuum will be prolonged, so we asked for an extension for General Joseph Aoun due to his ethics in the institution and the need to appoint an authentic leader…”

Abou Al-Hassan also indicated that “Hezbollah wants to agree on a principle and take into account the Free Patriotic Movement,” explaining that “if the army commander’s file cannot be resolved in Parliament, then there are proposals for laws…at which time we discuss and prefer to resort to an extension.”


  • NNA