| 27 May 2024, Monday |

Abou Sharaf: Vaccination rate still low and slow

The head of the Lebanese Doctors’ Syndicate in Beirut, Professor Sharaf Abu Sharaf, said in a statement that “the number of doctors who died has increased recently, due to their infection with the Coronavirus while practicing their work, and today their number has reached 35.” He stressed that “in conjunction with the launch of the national vaccination campaign, the gradual reopening of the various sectors, and the start of protests and demonstrations in various Lebanese regions, there has been no improvement in the epidemiological situation in the numbers of affected  and deaths,” warning of “the increase in numbers. What we read and hear, which reflects only the percentage of laboratory tests.

 He also explained that “the rate of vaccination is still low and slow due to the unavailability of quantity for citizens, and the lack of compliance with preventive measures, especially gatherings, which means that we are facing a major health problem.” Therefore, it is necessary for the private sector to participate and contribute quickly to vaccinate the largest possible number of citizens, until we reach community immunity exceeding 80%, so that economic and social life can return to its normal cycle. Abu Sharaf pointed out that “there are a large number of citizens, especially in the health and education sector, who have not received the vaccine yet, such as Red Cross paramedics, nursing staff, doctors, the elderly, people with chronic diseases, and teachers. In addition, there is a logistical problem on the ministry’s platform, which he is working to find a solution to. He concluded by stressing, “The need for us to remain prepared to confront this epidemic, so no one should think that our situation has improved with the arrival of the vaccine.” We are still in danger. Nothing protects us at the present time except to take matters seriously in order to protect our society from a health disaster we do not need. We had enough of our political, economic and social misfortunes. Let us cooperate to overcome this health calamity at the lowest possible cost..