| 2 March 2024, Saturday |

Abu Al-Hassan: To set a date for approving financing card without procrastination

During a joint parliamentary committees’ session convened to study the draft finance card bill, The Secretary of the Democratic Gathering bloc, Representative Hadi Abul-Hassan, presented an intervention in which he announced the bloc and the Progressive Socialist Party’s stance,  he said: “Finally, after seven months of wasting Opportunities, stagnation and procrastination, the financing card project arrived”

He added: “I remember when we presented an integrated project rationalizing support issue, on November 2020 , andhow much we appealed to the government to take the initiative, but unfortunately despite what we see today and despite this project, there are still doubts .” We are more convinced that  the authority has not taken the decision to proceed with the issue of rationalizing subsidies, would they have taken it, people  would not be humiliated at gas stations, begging for medicine and suffering from what they have never had in Lebanon’s history.”

He continued:” People today hate whoever says I am a deputy, a minister, a president or a state official. If the government was still acting today, it should have been questioned, held responsible and accountable, because it is a crime against the Lebanese people and the country.”

Abul-Hassan said: “If discussing this matter will take us to committees and other discussions and additional procrastination, then we will not be able to arrive at the Parliament to discuss, and I mean what I say. For this reason, a maximum limit must be set for the approval of this bill in the plenary session and for this law to be issued, and avoid entering into a process of discussions.”