| 2 December 2021, Thursday |

Abu Chakra says, Central Bank’s decision to halt selling dollars to oil importers is wrong

The Head of Gas Station Owners Syndicate Fadi Abou Chakra considered that Central Bank’s decision to stop selling dollars to importers is a wrong step.

Abu Chakra added in an interview with the “National News Agency”: “This decision is catastrophic for citizens, the owners of the stations and importers, and the officials must count to one million before adopting such a decision.”

He pointed out that “the liberalization of the import price of gasoline means putting additional pressure on the dollar in the black market, therefore, additional burdens on citizens.”

He stressed that “the citizen is now unable to buy gasoline or diesel, and electricity generators are now unable to provide service to people due to the high price of diesel.”

Abou Chakra considered that “the failure to set a ceiling for the price of the dollar in Lebanon means that we will continue to revolve in an endless vicious circle.”

Abu Chakra said that the “high price of diesel while we are on the cusp of winter is a big hurdle,” appealing to “the state and officials to support citizens, especially in mountainous areas, who will consume 10 barrels of diesel costing 30 million Lebanese pounds.”