| 30 May 2024, Thursday |

Abu Sharaf: The new form of unified prescription to be available within 3 weeks

The Head of Order of Physicians in Beirut Dr. Sharaf Abu Sharaf, issued a statement referring to reviews regarding the circulation of counterfeited unified medical prescriptions. Abu Sharaf said that these prescriptions for expensive subsidized medicines are stamped with seals and signatures and provided for unknown patients.

He added that some physicians are offered appealing bribes to provide prescriptions for cancer disease treatment for unknown patients, mainly from outside Lebanon, given that these medicines are expensive but subsidized.

The statement indicated that a meeting was held at the Order in the presence of the Head of the Order of  Pharmacists Ghassan Al-Amin, the President of the Association of Cancerous Diseases Nizar Bitar, and Abu Sharaf. They called on all doctors from different specialties to pay attention to this matter and to immediately report each suspected case. They also asked them to adhere to the principles and ethical professional standards for providing prescriptions.

Abu Sharaf added: “The order sent a circular to all members of the Pharmacists Syndicate, to verify the patient’s identity, and to contact the doctor who provided the prescription to verify its authenticity before giving it to the patient.” He said that a letter was also sent to the Minister of Public Health, asking him to take appropriate measures for monitoring the unified medical prescription, and establishing a a unified committee by the Health Ministry and the Orders of Physicians and Pharmacists to work on preparing the OTC booklet.

Abu Sharaf said: “The unified medical prescription will be available in its new form and in large quantities after three weeks.”

  • Sawt Beirut International