| 4 March 2024, Monday |

Abu Zeid met Bogdanov.. Lebanon’s stance does not offend Russia

Despite the stories and scenarios circulting about the Russian leadership’s failure to receive the President’s envoy, and his advisor for Russian affairs, Amal Abu Zeid, the latter met yesterday in Moscow with Deputy Foreign Minister for Middle Eastern Affairs Mikhael Bogdanov, and conveyed to him the President’s stance regarding the statement issued condemning the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
And while the sources that revealed the meeting did not disclose to “Al Markaziya” about the Russian stance after officials expressed their reproach, which was close to anger at the Lebanese one, Abu Zeid emphasized the importance of the relations between Beirut and Moscow, to which the President of the Republic accords absolute priority, and that this position does not offend them, as much as it constitutes a principled position towards a country that has suffered enough from the interference of the surrounding countries in its internal affairs to the extent that it has paid a heavy price.
Abu Zeid pointed out that Lebanon’s stance on this issue is principled and does not tolerate any interpretation that would harm the distinguished relations with Moscow.

  • Sawt Beirut International