| 29 February 2024, Thursday |

Abyad: Achievements have many parents, but crises are born orphans.

Director of Rafic Hariri Governmental Hospital, Firas Abyad, tweeted, “Hesitation and shortage of clarity in subsidizing medical supplies’ policy has led to a severe and unprecedented shortage in hospitals, which affects even basic medical services. Repercussions will be abundant and at different levels, in a case solution are not found.”

“Patients are the ones suffering most,” Abyad added. This shortage affects both the care’s quality and quantity, and it may also jeopardize patients’ safety. Most of the medical supplies used in hospitals are imported, so the problem is widespread and affects all levels of care.”

He considered that “doctors and nurses, are getting frustrated and held accountable when they are unable to fulfill their duties, due to this shortage. This leads them eventually to leave the country which exacerbate the problem.”

He also pointed out that “hospitals, which are facing an increase in expenses, as a result of rising costs of supplies, due to decreasing revenues through inflation and fixed tariffs, find themselves on the verge of financial collapse. At the moment, the solution is to ask patients to pay additional amounts to fill this gap, but simply, most patients do not have the money. Meanwhile, the problem continues to fester, with no solution in sight. This increases the shortage and consequently, its cost. It’s a vicious cycle. Here, achievements have many parents, but crises are born orphans.