| 26 February 2024, Monday |

Abyad: Capable countries must ensure equal access to vaccines

Minister of Health, Firas Abyad, responded to President of the United Nations General Assembly, Abdullah Shaheed’s invitation, for member states to participate in the high-level debate entitled “Stimulating the Momentum for Mass Immunization.”

Heads of state and government and health ministers from 124 countries spoke at the discussions, and official speakers and representatives of these countries participated in pre-recorded speeches via video technology.

Abyadh delivered an illustrated speech, the most prominent of which was: “The world is a small, interconnected village, and this is a lesson we learned not from the Internet, but from a small virus, Covid-19, which does not stop at borders, race or gender.” We are all equal in front of the virus, but we are actually unequal in getting these vaccines, which means the difference between life and death.”

He concluded by sending a message to the developed countries, saying: “The responsibility lies with the countries that have the capacity or technology to ensure equal opportunities for all to obtain these vaccines.”

  • Sawt Beirut International